Due to the quality works, which became a symbol for our company, THEOTOP won the confidence of its foreign partners, establishing long lasting contacts based on the mutual performance, and also on

the competitive level of its specialists. Showing responsibility and a viable working system, THEOTOP becomes exclusive representative in Romania for KLM AEROCARTO-BELGIA.

Borne FENO

Willing to improve its services and to provide superior standards in the field of cadastre, it will continue the expansionist approaches by starting a partnership with a prestigious European company, FAYNOT a well known producer of topographical accessories and land marks. As well THEOTOP becomes the Romanian exclusive distributor of these products, creating for all the suppliers of cadastre services the possibility of working eficient and fast, using the last innovations in this field.

OFEK Aerial Photo

The evolution of the bussiness process had a stimulating effect on our company, as we made all the efforts to presume the expectations of our clients in the context of a hard economic contest. THEOTOP managed to strenghten and to develop the initial activity, extending its concerns to new areas.An important moment in the evolution of our company is marked by the cooperation with the Israeli companies  MARMANET Ltd. and OFEK PHOTOGRAPHIC SYSTEMS, which is the leading provider of photogrammetric services in Israel. Together we developed important projects for ANCPI and World Bank such as AERO 5, AERO 7, and others.


By involving a group of specialists in topography, photogrammetry, geodesy and cadastre, we want to implement high working standards, rallying us to the European standards witch have been stated at the European Congress of Cadastre held in Granada, Spain, in 2002 month of May.

We had always tried to promote our messages in a special formula, and we succeded by organising symposiums and by advertising our proffesional interests through mass media.

A functional cadastre system represents a benefit primarly for the citizens, and then for the public institutions, which have the concrete possibility to value in certain terms the economic importance of the properties and related to this, the adequate taxes.