Subscribing to the socio-economic context after 1989, THEOTOP aims to approach diverse issues raised from the territorial management wich bows in all human activity. Legislative support in the field from which has started after completion in the early period (1990-1991) of the first works with modest technical content (topographical plans, tracing objectives, territorial balance on areas with predetermined dates), was the emergence of the Government Decision no. 834/1991 which initiated the way compiling the topographic order to certify ownership of land by state-owned companies. The company was thus involved in about 50 works

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whose complexity was extremely diverse (from precincts that did not raise any particular problems, to large agribusiness complexes and industrial enclosures terrain with a structure covering a wide range of aspect).

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The gained experience of the staff with this problem has created premises for the integration in the new activity occasioned by the issue of Cadastre and Land Registration Law no. 7/1996 which allowed a cadastral approach to a number of cities and towns in the central and southern region.Thereby, it proceeded to the introduction of real estate survey in the towns like Sinaia, Buşteni, Câmpina, Breaza, Comarnic, Azuga, Predeal, Buftea, Odobeşti, Curtea de Argeş, as well as in the cities like București, Buzău, Făgaraș, Giurgiu, Ploiești, Roşiorii de Vede, Câmpulung Argeş. For some of these places it was answered also when the request appeared concerning the delimitation of administrative territories and built-up

areas as was the case of town of Câmpina, the city of Giurgiu, as well as a sector of the capital. The complexity of this works, imposed by the implementing rules issued by MDLPL as well as the tender books sent by local councils, was answered trought an effort and a technical approach appreciated by all the beneficiaries - the clear proof was the further expansion of the range of services that THEOTOP offered to the units with which it had contractual relationships. Thereby, in parallel with this works, for the rehabilitation of DN1 path, THEOTOP ensured the leveling network on the Posada (km 111) - Dârste (km 155) section.

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With 1999, when it was regulate the elaboration of cadastral documentation for the registration in the Land Registry Buildings, THEOTOP was call on in more than 3,000 works of this type, comprising a broad range of issues as: tabulation of properties not inscribed in CF, annexation or detachments of property, limits changes, buildings reconstructions , as well as the treat of high complexity condominium estate (eg. Casa Presei Libere).

The company was involved also in digital photogrammetric works which covered about 60% of Romania's territory AERO-5 projects (funded by the World Bank) and AERO-7.
Achieving index digital plan in the CS1 projects (Cadaster Services) and CS2 (also obtained from the auctions organized by the World Bank) has opened a new development technological horizon for THEOTOP, by creating works in 48 administrative territories (TAD) in 17 counties of Romania and for the first sector of Bucharest.
Converting the property titles issued under the Land Law (Law 18/1990) from analogue to digital was another challenge that we fulfilled with success by completion of the PAD 2008 project after which were processed tens of thousands of documents, resulting hundreds of thousands of uploaded data in digital format.
It discussed realization of GIS implementation project for 4 cities, as well as the introduction MULTIVISION (oblique photogrammetry) as supporting evidence and urban managemenet.Likewise the transposition in the field of construction and assembly projects (application of reverse topographic problem) was the subject of several requests to which it was answered successfully (eg. The topographic preparation of marking of "Azuga" Hotel - in the town of Azuga). THEOTOP had participated in the General Cadastral works with 8 commune: Roseți, Nana, Orbeasca, Frăsinet, Corbii Mari, Ungheni, Ștefan Vodă and Frumușani.

From the topography engineering field, can be mentioned specific performance monitoring construction works (at Piața de Gros Bucharest and in other 6 centers of collection of it from the country). Many of these works have raised particular problems depending on the specific nature of each work, being necessary to focus the full capacity of the staff involved in order to find optimal solutions required to complete the project - which was possible in most cases. The projecting, construction and implementation of specific information system management for territorial topographic and real estate as well as setting up the databases in this field constituted also concerns that turned lately into new directions (ex. cemeteries cadastre, green cadastre and currently the general cadastre for systematic registration of real estate).

The company is also in a partnership with the French company FAYNOT - a leading manufacturer of accessories and topographic terminal, thereby giving to the topographic service providers from Romania the opportunity to benefit from the latest innovations. Among the beneficiaries of the works executed by THEOTOP are: the Romanian Government, the Autonomous Administration of State Protocol as well as Prefectures and Municipalities of the counties like Arad, Argeș, Brașov, Buzău, Constanța, Dâmbovita, Dolj, Galați, Giurgiu, Iași, Ilfov, Neamț, Prahova, Tulcea, Teleorman, Vrancea and Bucharest. Consultation with the specialized technical authority - respective ANCPI and OCPI was permanent, leading in this way to find the optimal solutions for framing documentation in quality parameters corresponding technical regulations.

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Technical equipment currently available for the company is composet of 12 cars, 9 total stations, 8 GPS equipment, a large number of computers, notebooks, tablets, printers, 2 plotters, as well as required software for data processing. Team of which is composed THEOTOP has about 50 members of which 70% are senior, 60% are natural persons authorized by ANCPI or Geodetic Order of Romania.