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Hexagonal Plastic Head -115x50mm [yellow]

3,23 EURO
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Color: yellow

Dimensions: 115x50mm

Hallmark: no mark

Code: 48.047

The heads are made of PEHD plastic in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1461. The depth will depend on the length of anchor rod grip you choose.
The heads are brought in packs of 50 pieces, because of this reason, before you purchase the head, we suggest to contact us to: +4.021.323.48.96 or email, for confirmation of available stock.
The heads are sold only with these anchorage rods: std-350mm, rib-350mm, std-500mm, std-600mm, for fixing the head, available in the section 2.1 Anchorage.

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Manufacturer: Faynot - Plastic Heads