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Intelligent Polyroc Head -90x90x65mm [red]

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Color: red

Dimensions: 90x90x65mm

Hallmark: no mark

Code: 31.107

We don't have the communicated price of this product from the manufacturer. The manufacturer reserves the right to communicate the product price only to a request of firm orders.

Intelligent terminals Polyroc "I-BORNE 'heads are formed are embedded RFID. chips type. You can register on such a terminal some information (file number, contacts etc.)
Before you purchase the head, we suggest to contact us to: +4.021.323.48.96 or email, for confirmation of available stock.
The heads are sold only with these anchorage rods: std-350mm, rib-350mm, std-500mm, std-600mm, for fixing the head, available in the section 2.1 Anchorage.

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Manufacturer: Faynot - I-Borne